We want to ensure that you receive the best exposure and response to your Collaboration Opportunity. We will review your draft as part of the submission process and suggest improvements if required. Here are some tips on preparing an effective Collaboration Opportunity:
  1. Make the name of your Opportunity as clear as possible. Avoid acronyms if possible and try to create a name that is short but descriptive.
  2. Add a banner and a logo to maximise the impact of your Collaboration Opportunity page. Contact us if you need more advice on how to prepare these images.
  3. Pick the most appropriate of the konfer industry sectors in the drop down box. This will improve your response rates and allow konfer to target your opportunity to potential partners.
  4. Make sure your start and end dates are correct! Only opportunities that are current are published on konfer.
  5. The location field may be useful if your opportunity is tied to a specific physical location.
  6. You should indicate the level of funding that you expect to be available for partner working on the Collaboration Opportunity. This is just an indication/estimate but it will help potential partners to evaluate your opportunity.
  7. Use the "Aim" field to set out the objectives for your project at a high level. This will help potential collaboration partner to understand the particular field that you are engaged in and is also used by konfer's machine learning algorithms to determine associated topics and concepts.
  8. Use the "Description" field to set out, with as much detail as you can, detail on the nature and scope of the collaboration activity that you envisage.