What is a highlight

A Highlight is your opportunity to showcase your unique area of expertise or interest on your University page. You can use highlights to promote your current academic conquests, future interests and pursuits, attract and strengthen professional relationships with experts and institution, and share research and opportunities.


How to add a highlight


To Add a highlight, click the Add Highlight Button on your University page. This will open the Highlights page where you can choose what is featured on your highlight.

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Add a title for what the highlight will be called and add a banner and grid image using the buttons shown below. If you choose not to include a banner and/or grid image, a default image will be used when displaying your highlight, so we encourage you to upload your own images.

Banners should be 1200px X 360px and grid images should be 390px X 225px

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Add a description for your highlight.

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Featured Section

Use this section to select what will be featured on your highlight. Search for the resource you want to find in the search bar. All resources available at your university will appear in the drop down. Please select the resource you want to feature.

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The resource will appear as a row below the search bar. The resources will be featured as they are displayed on the page. To change the order, drag the row and place it where you would like it to feature.

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To remove an added resource, click the “Remove” button from the row and the resource will no longer appear in the section.


Any sections which do not have any featured resources will not be displayed on your page