When a user makes a Connection Request to your university, or to an expert at your university then you will be notified to your designated business engagement email address.

Requests to the university directly

You may receive the following type of Connection Request directly from a user browsing konfer:
  • from your university profile page on konfer
  • in relation to a piece of equipment or a facility available from your university
  • in relation to a Research Council funded project or case study run by your university
  • in relation to a response to a Collaboration Opportunity published by the university*
The notification email will provide details of the enquiring party and their interest (usually with a link to the resource in konfer). The email will provide clear instructions on how to respond.

Requests to experts

In the event that a Connection Request is made to an expert at your university, you will also be sent a notification email, including the details of the expert that was contacted. The expert will also receive a Connection Request email notification directly (provided that we hold an email address for the researcher).

* Responses to Collaboration Opportunities will be notified to the registered email address for the konfer user account which was used to submit the opportunity for approval. If you would like these responses to be sent to your business email engagement address then please register a konfer user account under this email address.