What is it?

Many universities offer a range of short and long training programmes for professionals already in work who are undertaking the course for purposes of continued professional development, upskilling and/or workforce development.


Staff from businesses can attend accredited courses which are required by professional bodies run by universities. Universities can also design and deliver bespoke courses which dovetail with companies needs and strategies e.g. a mix of specific modules on finance, marketing, governance.


Very Short 0 - 3 months, Short 3 - 18 months or can be a rolling programme as part of induction for new staff or bespoke.


This is variable considering the individual need or professional fees required.


The benefits of university-led training, CPD, and executive education allows professionals to acquire new skills and gives them access to the latest knowledge in their field from leading academics. Where new relationships are forged between participants and academic staff this may lead to other opportunities for knowledge exchange and partnering.

Suitable for which Businesses?

Professional development courses are beneficial to the smallest of start-ups and the largest of multinationals, across a wide range of professional areas intended to advance understanding and develop new competencies and skills. It is typical for such courses to be taught on a flexible part-time basis and on weekends, or developed to the bespoke specification of a business.

How do you engage?

University websites often have established CPD courses listed, while it is worthwhile to contact university departments about specific and bespoke training requirements.