Searching within konfer is simple. The search bar looks like this:

Simply enter the details of the subject matter in the search bar and press return (or click on the search icon) in order to return relevant results for all resource types available from konfer. You can use the green drop down box to the left of the search bar to restrict your search to any particular resource type (e.g. experts or equipment). The target location icon below the green bar allows you to choose a location (enabling search results to be displayed based on distance).

Refining search results  *NEW FUNCTION*
It is now possible to further refine the search to provide a specific set of results using the following features:

Use of Plus (+) and Minus (-) operators:
The plus (+) and minus (-) operators can be used to ensure the results absolutely include a word or ensure the results do not include any items that contain certain words.
Placing (+) directly in front of a word ensures results must include this word
Placing (-) directly in front of a word ensure results that include this word are not included.

For example,
  1. the search for [energy transport] can return results about transporting energy through the body.
  2. [energy transport -organism -organic -body] ensures the results are more focused on transportation of energy (oil, gas, electricity) and/or energy used in transportation (vehicles).
(+) (-) must have a space before it, and no space between it and the word
[cars -bikes] = correct
[cars-bikes] = incorrect
[cars - bikes] = incorrect
[cars- bikes] = incorrect

Exact Match
To provide the most complete list of results are captured when searching, variations of keywords entered are used.
For example:
Searching using keyword [cars], items containing ‘car’ will also be returned. If you require an exact match, place quotes around the word of phrase:

[“car”] will return results that do contain “car”. If an item contained only ‘cars’ the item would not be returned in the results.

This can be used with phrases. For example,
  1. Keywords [virtual Reality] will search for items including ‘virtual’ and ‘reality’ as separate words within the item
  2.  Using quotes around the keywords [“virtual reality”] will return results that only include this phrase.

Special characters
Most special characters can be used in search terms. With the exclusion of:
Question mark (?)
Percentage (%)
Asterisk (*)

Using location
The current location is your estimated position and can be used when you accept a request from konfer to know your location (displayed on screen as a prompt). For more details on this capability, see here. You can also use the drop down to select postcode and enter a postcode of your choice. This will override the estimated current location.

Search Advisor
The search advisor will turn from grey to blue when a search query is complex enough to enable this feature (a few words of sufficient size will usually trigger this change). Use of the search advisor requires registration. 

Searching experts by name
When searching for experts specifically (using the green down down) an additional option will be presented, enabling you to search based on expert name. If selected, then your search query will be matched exclusively based on the name of the expert (rather than research, biography etc).