konfer provides access to a growing range of resources from a single, unified point of access. These currently include the following (for detailed information, see dedicated sections within the Knowledge Base for each resource type):

konfer aggregates data on academic experts from over 150 universities and institutions around the UK including biographies, location and research publications. konfer uses machine learning to identify key areas of expertise for every researcher. konfer search and discovery capabilities will provide you with the details of researchers whose work is most relevant to your area of interest.

konfer presents grant funding opportunities including funding for collaborative research, Horizon 2020 funding, SBRI funding, cross-territory grant funding and sector-specific challenge funding. konfer uses machine learning to categorise funding to one of 23 konfer categories.

There are three types of research resources presented by konfer (and these can be filtered in search results):

Research projects
These are summaries of Research Council funded projects (either completed or in progress).

REF2014 case studies
These are impact case studies for Research Council funded projects for the 2014 Research Excellence Framework.

Research papers
These are individual academic research papers published by experts

Equipment and university facilities available for use by businesses.

Collaborative opportunities posted by registered konfer users (universities or businesses). These may be funded collaboration opportunities (if so, this will be indicated in the details of the collaboration).

News and media
News stories and video articles from universities and leading UK businesses and other organisations.

Accessing landing pages
You can see the number of resources of each type at any time in the lower part of the home page and access each resource landing page from there:

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Data as at 5th November 2019

You can also access these landing pages from the top area of the home page: