To update details in the konfer directory, it is necessary to:
  • Register a konfer account using an email address that matches the company domain (the domain for the company's home page, as listed on konfer)
  •  Add the company administrator role to this konfer account
You can search for any company by name and check on the home page website, as identified by konfer, from the konfer business directory within "Organisations". If, for example,  your company's home page is "", then it would be necessary to register an account with an email address ending "". If you believe that the home page domain is incorrect then please contact us at, stating your company name and registration number.

Having registered an eligible account, it is possible to "claim" the konfer business profile from "My Account" Provided that there there isn't already an administrator established for your company on konfer you will see an option to claim the profile:

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To claim the profile, you will need to confirm that you are authorised as a representative to do so and will have to verify this by responding to a confirmation email that will be sent to a reserved company e-mail address. You can select which such address is used:

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Having successfully claimed the business profile, additional options to amend company detail on konfer will be added to your account page. To edit details, click the "Edit Business" button.

You can :
  • change the primary email address for the company (used for Connection Requests)
  • the konfer Category (a list of industry sectors) that applies best to the company
  • the website address
  • add key words and phrases (which can help better qualify any collaboration or funding opportunity notifications sent to you and ensure that your company is as prominent as possible for searches in konfer)
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If you have any problems claiming your business profile or making changes, then please reach out to us at