You will need to register a user account to access Search Advisor. When a search query of sufficient complexity is entered, the "Search Advisor" button, located below the search bar, will change colour from grey to blue:

Clicking on the blue Search Advisor button will open the Search Advisor pane below the main search bar. Key words, topics and concepts related to your current search query will be shown:

In this example the end user query has been analysed by Search Advisor and it has identified two key phrases, three topics and five concepts.

As a user you can select one or more of each of these elements. The Search Advisor will look for exact matches of all key words/phrases selected. If the user selects one or more topic or concepts then at least of one of the selected topics and concepts must be present in any search results from the refined query (in addition to all selected key words/phrases).

The refined search can be executed by pressing the red search button. Results (filtered for resource type if required) will be presented as normal based on the Search Advisor selections chosen. You can change your Search Advisor selections as many times as you wish - search results will be automatically updated in a few seconds.

To enter a new search query or to exit Search Advisor, click on the cross icon at the top right of the Search Advisor pane.